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Ella Pavlides is a young artist born, raised and living in south London. Despite this, her work captures places far beyond the city and into the realm of the dreamlike and ethereal. Her fascination with light itself stems from early experiences of encountering Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project at the Tate, the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery as well as being influenced by her cinematographer mother who imbued in her an appreciation of the nuances in light and colour. Ella’s curiosity with the Magic Hour burgeoned when she moved out of home for the first time to a west-facing flat in a high-rise block, where she found a more uninterrupted access to the sky. Her bedroom was the ultimate trap for evening sunlight and it became almost ritualistic for her to be back home in time to witness nature's light show. The Magic Hour is the ultimate symbol for all that she is interested in: light, beauty, the experiential, the sublime in the everyday and the natural world's primordial inner workings revealing itself to us. It was this absorption that led her to choose the Magic Hour as the subject for her final year dissertation and to be the subject of her degree show work.


IG: ella_pavlides